My Journey with Trauma

I started wearing makeup when I was in my early teens to cover acne and give me a bit of self-confidence. It stretched no further than some foundation and a concealer. I really didn’t want anyone to know that I had cosmetics of my face; I was a guy after all. Correction: I am a... Continue Reading →

Natural Skincare

If you can’t eat it then don’t lather it. Think about this for a second: your skin is a biological organ made up of all-natural substances such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. You heart and stomach are also organs. Are smoking chemicals bad? Is eating processed food full of chemicals bad? I think most of... Continue Reading →

What is a Brow on Fleek?

... And how do I get them to this place of Fleek? Sounds like a Greek Island to me. Getting the perfect brow is very much like choosing which religion to follow: there are so many variations out there and sometimes the difference can be so subtle that most don’t even notice; but when you... Continue Reading →

Who are Benefit?

Benefit is a fun, flirty makeup brand who believe that makeup really doesn’t have to be serious to look good. Their ethos centers the belief that laughter is the best medicine and that when in doubt, you ought to fake it ‘till you make it. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Whisk on your mascara, crack a... Continue Reading →

Dry Hair?

Dry, damaged, and brittle? No, we aren’t talking about my personality; we are talking about my hair. I have always been an experimenter when it comes to hair; in fact, I will experiment with most things at least once: we only get one life after all. Thus far I have had red, brown, black, purple,... Continue Reading →

Best Makeup Brand?

I have only had one affair in my life. I feel so horrible for doing it. The flashbacks of my sinful acts make me nauseous. The pain and hurt I caused my significant other haunts me to this very day. Five years ago, I met the love of my life. Two years ago, I broke... Continue Reading →

The highest of highlights? Regardless of the current trends in makeup, it is my firm belief that highlighters will always be popular and most of us will always have one (hundred) in our makeup kits. Last year saw 12 whole months of contouring and highlighting. This process involves bringing forward and emphasising your favourite features... Continue Reading →

How to Zap a Zit for Dummies

Spots, pimples, blemishes, acne, imperfections. You can dress it up how you like, but they suck and we do not want them. Be gone you festering, repugnantly vile red balls of sebum on my face. Why must you be there? I eat healthy. I could outdrink Nemo in H2O and I have a skincare routine... Continue Reading →

From fake-tan to faux-tan, darling

As the smell of nourishing coconut, infused with pressed pineapple tickles my nostrils, the shimmering sun ripples along my bronzed skin and flows down the sand towards the water. I remove my sunglasses to wipe the beads of sweat from my lashes; I open one eye to see if the beach is still buzzing with... Continue Reading →

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