From fake-tan to faux-tan, darling

As the smell of nourishing coconut, infused with pressed pineapple tickles my nostrils, the shimmering sun ripples along my bronzed skin and flows down the sand towards the water. I remove my sunglasses to wipe the beads of sweat from my lashes; I open one eye to see if the beach is still buzzing with people, building sandcastles, splashing in the water, enjoying their time together. I close my eyes and roll over on my towel, falling into a deep slumber…


I don’t know how long I am out for but I awaken with a startle; a jolt; a surge of anxiety. I can hear an impeding siren getting louder and louder as times passes quickly. It is alarming…

It is, in fact, my alarm alarmingly alarming me to wake the hell up out of this daft dream.

I’m late for my night out that I have been planning for weeks with my friends from school. I have one hour to get glammed up and get the next train into the city centre. I jump out of bed and the blood starts pumping, out on the streets the traffic starts jumping, but for white folk like me, a 9 to 5 session on an imaginary beach will not do the trick.

I want to be bronzed, I want to glow, I want to be like I was in the dream. I certainly do not want to smell like biscuits nor look like an advert for beta-carotene tablets from Holland Barrett.

To get that instant glow and sunkissed (possibly snogged if you used enough product) look, I highly recommend Vita Liberata’s body blur.

This is the most natural instant tanner I have ever used. It gives you a medium to buildable tan minus the streaks, minus the smell, minus the mess, minus the fuss. It’s a tan with which you can have a healthy relationship. Bonus points for not running the risk of skin cancer, eh?

You don’t need to exfoliate or moisturiser prior to application. All you should do is take a tanning mitt, apply a small amount of product to your body and rub it in. I use the excess on the mitt to apply it on my hands so they do not go too dark. For a sheerer coverage, use a kabuki makeup brush.

I am a bit of a lazy tanner… but I am proud of it. I therefore only apply the instant tan to the parts of my body which are visible.

I have used it on my face on top of my foundation and it looks amazing. Oh, my dear it looks amazing. It bronzes the entire face, it doesn’t stick to the hairline and it gives you an all-over highlighted glow.

I struggled to find a tanner that was non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) and I am sure I have found my holy grail now. The only down side would be the rather heavy price. I would be willing to pay it given the finish is so flawless and I only wear it when I have a special occasional and only on the parts you can see!

I promise you people will be asking how your holiday was.

You can find the body blur on, by the way.

To see pictures of the tanning products go to my Instagram @prinny_g



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