How to Zap a Zit for Dummies

Spots, pimples, blemishes, acne, imperfections. You can dress it up how you like, but they suck and we do not want them. Be gone you festering, repugnantly vile red balls of sebum on my face. Why must you be there? I eat healthy. I could outdrink Nemo in H2O and I have a skincare routine that would put a model to shame. So, can someone please tell me why Nasa could spot my pores from the moon? Why o danimals quite often try nest on my zits? What else can I do?

Go back to basics is what you ought to do. Firstly, let’s dispel the myth that our diet has anything to do with our skin. There is no scientific link between dietary habits and quality of skin. Of course, if one has a healthy diet, one tends to be healthier but there is no concrete link between what you put in your mouth and what you can squeeze from your nose. So, my love, keep eating your dairy and sugar and do it with your head held high. Don’t deny yourself a packet of skittles because you think you’ll end up looking like you have them on your face.

The best skincare is the three-step process that you follow twice a day of cleanse, treat, and moisturise. Three being your lucky number, you also ought to exfoliate three times a week with a gentle exfoliant. I use Vichy Glycolic peel or AHA cream.

When I suffered from acne, I turned to the French brand La Roche Posay since I heard that their treatment, Effaclar duo, was amazing. Its main active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide: an effective treatment for acne. I went to boots to pick up the duo and saw that they had a range specifically for acne suffers under the Effaclar name. It came as a three step kit.

The cleanser was amazing at absorbing my excess oil and the duo cleared my acne up without over drying my skin. The product which I didn’t like too much was the toner which was too astringent for my skin in conjunction with the other products. All three together definitely dried my skin. I decided to stop using the toner and opt for a moisturiser instead. La Roche Posay offers an oil free, matte moisturiser which was perfect for my oily skin at the time. The process of the three products cleared my acne, kept the oil production at bay and nourished my skin so that my makeup would sit nicely. At the time, I was using Bareminerals because it is, obviously, non-comedogenic and natural looking; 5 years later and I am now working for the brand!

If you are suffering from active acne then this 3-step kit will be perfect for you; but if it is just a few spots then I would suggest using the cleanser with the Effaclar duo and use a non-comodogenic moisturiser such as one from Bareminerals (smart combination), Clinique, or Avene. Twice a week you can indulge yourself in the Effaclar mask to really give your oil-prone skin a good work out. The mask is formulated to combat shine. I have tried all the Effaclar products and the other brands and they did not break me out… and they didn’t break the bank either.

What more can a girl want? A cake of chocolate, clear skin, and a purse full of pennies.

You can find the Effaclar skin range at, as well as the moisturiser from Bareminerals.

Please note that I am an employee of Bareminerals but this has not influenced My opinion on the moisturiser.


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