The highest of highlights?

Regardless of the current trends in makeup, it is my firm belief that highlighters will always be popular and most of us will always have one (hundred) in our makeup kits.

Last year saw 12 whole months of contouring and highlighting. This process involves bringing forward and emphasising your favourite features whilst diminishing and receding your less attractive features. This creates shape and definition on the face. Historically, it is a drag queen technique used to shape and sculpt more feminine features for performance but was made famous by Kim Kardashian: deduct from this whatever you want…

I can’t say I agree with trying to blur out features of your face. Bobbi Brown once said she loves ladies (and hopefully guys too) with strong jawlines and defined noses. I must admit that I agree. These features are literally what makes your face different from that of your friend. These features make you recognisable. These features are features and features should be highlighted. I do apologise if you lost me after the second-time feature featured.

This year we have been introduced to non-touring. This simply involves dusting a highlighter on the high points of your face to make them more prominent and forgetting about the contour. Not only does it look more natural, but it also contains a nicer philosophy: you spend time on the parts of your face you like and forget those by which you are less fussed. It moves away from the self-deprecating, loathing society in which we live.

My favourite makeup look must be the dewy, fresh complexion and dusting a highlighter on your cheeks, nose, forehead, and eyes is an easy way to achieve this fresh-faced look. It will make you look alive.

You are now thinking, ‘okay, highlighters are grand but which one(s) should I use?’. I have a few favourites and I use them at different times and on different parts of the face to achieve different results. For an all-over face glow, I love the L’Oréal True Match Highlight. I put this all over my face after my primer and before the foundation. You get it in two shades. Opt for the icy glow if you have a cool complexion and the golden glow for warmer tones. It will really make your foundation pop!

For a more intense look you want to place your highlight on top of the foundation and on the highest points of your face: the centre of your nose, above the cupid’s bow of your lip, on top of your cheekbones, below your eyebrows… you get the drift. You want to HIGH-light.

I think Illamasqua OMG looks stunning on someone who wants a fuller/ defined/ high-impact/full-glam makeup look but would be too much for achieving a subtle highlight. For something of an everyday look, go for the BareMinerals Invisible Glow in fair to light or medium, depending on your skin tone.

My final highlight is the Laura Geller Baked Illuminator in Gilded Honey. It has a gorgeous golden finish and looks amazing when you have faux tan on and want to have that fresh, sparkly, ‘I just got off the beach’ look.

I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply my highlighters because it is small enough to give you a precise application and soft enough to allow you to blend any harsh edges away.

I’m sure you can find most of these on

Please tell me your favourite highlighters so I can check them out and the part of your face that your really like to make stand out.

Love you all.



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