Best Makeup Brand?

I have only had one affair in my life. I feel so horrible for doing it. The flashbacks of my sinful acts make me nauseous. The pain and hurt I caused my significant other haunts me to this very day. Five years ago, I met the love of my life. Two years ago, I broke her heart in two. In 2015, I cheated on bareMinerals for a few months with another makeup brand. I had a long and healthy bond with bareMinerals before I gave into another illustrious brand, famous for their heavy full-coverage foundation. I now work for bareMinerals (as punishment for my sins) so any of the views I express here are mine alone and not necessarily that of the company.

During my tumultuous teenage years, I suffered from acne breakouts. My skin shone like a frying pan and looked perpetually like a game of dot the dot: colour version. I did some research into makeup that would fit the following criteria:

  1. Cover my existing acne
  2. Won’t provoke another breakout (non-comedogenic)
  3. Look natural

Time after time, the brand came up. They were supposedly the world’s first and best mineral based foundation: the perfect foundation for those of us with skin conditions. They had plenty of shades so I would be sure to get something that matched my skin tone and the foundation was buildable. Perfect.

The only obstacle left was getting the confidence to approach a counter, get colour matched and buy the products. What would fellow customers think? A boy wearing makeup? He must be gay…

If he isn’t a homosexual then he must be questioning his identity.


I simply wanted to look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I wanted self-confidence. I wanted to feel attractive. I wanted to stop the self-loathing.

I bit the bullet, in a metaphorical sense of course, and I went to my nearest counter.

To say I was having a panic attack would be a complete litotes. I was shaken to my core: absolutely petrified of public opinion; something which I now proudly ignore and continue doing what makes me happy.

Fast forward 25 minutes and I had received amazing customer service from the beauty ambassador, I had bought a starter kit, comprising of a fairly light foundation, warmth bronzer, primer, mineral veil setting powder and a few brushes. I was, from then on, a proud wearer of mineral makeup.

This blog post is going to focus on my favourite bareMineral products.

I think the skincare is wonderful: it is refreshing yet pure; effective yet affordable; calming yet invigorating. We have a fabulous range of products but my favourites would have to be the Clay Chameleon cleanser, which is made of Brazilian red clay, known for its potent mineral content and sea-salts: fabulous for deep cleansing the skin by balancing the epidermis without over stripping it; skinlongevity vital power infusion, original foundation and bareskin liquid bronzer.

The skinlongevity is easily our best skincare product: it is a fertilizer for the skin, keeping your skin in its best condition. It hydrates. It exfoliates. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and texture. It is a complete cardio workout for the skin. This product is so amazing because it fits into any skincare routine; use two pumps of it after your cleanser and before your moisturiser and after a few weeks, you will be getting compliments on how good your skin looks. It feels like your skin is getting a total wake up every time you use it. My acne scarring looks a lot less prominent and I don’t get anywhere near the same number of breakouts.

Even though I have slightly oily skin, I am still a massive fan of the dewy, glowing complexion. I don’t want a flat, matte look. I want to look radiant and vibrant; alluring and sexy. Using the original foundation of top of skinlongevity is the perfect starting point. Your actual skin is going to be emanating rays of sunshine because of the luscious skincare and the foundation is so breathable that your natural look will come through. We have launched brand new shades so there is something for everyone: I am fairly light when I am my biologically natural colour and golden beige when I have tanned (using our amazing faux tan).

But I can’t stop there looking like any old star in the sky. I want to look like the brightest. I want to be the shiniest; the most dazzling of them all. HELLO BARESKIN LIQUID BRONZER.

I know you will all be thinking, ‘what the hell?! A liquid bronzer? Oh no. That sounds catastrophically suicidal.’

But no. Give it a chance.

I promise it will be the most naturally fresh and glowing bronzer you have ever used. People never cease to compliment my skin when I have it on. It gives the appearance of a natural sun tan taken on the beach. Your skin will look like it has overdosed on vitamin D, suntan lotion and 14 of your 5 a day. You will look sun-snogged, as if you had spent a few hours lying on a Spanish beach. I take about 5 drops of the bronzer and sweep it across the central band of my face: over the nose and cheeks. I take the excess slightly up the side of my face and onto the forehead, near the hairline. Don’t bother blending it in too much. I use the smoothing face brush, which by the way is one of our very own brushes.

*cough* we are the number one brush company *cough*

I hope I have convinced you, by using every technique in the book, that bareMinerals is the only makeup worth putting on your face and that, as the whole, we are a safe go-to for all your cosmetic needs.

To find your very own favourite bareMinerals products, go to

Let me know what you love from our very special range.

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