Dry Hair?

Dry, damaged, and brittle? No, we aren’t talking about my personality; we are talking about my hair.

I have always been an experimenter when it comes to hair; in fact, I will experiment with most things at least once: we only get one life after all. Thus far I have had red, brown, black, purple, blonde, white, grey, and violet hair. I have also sported the dry, damaged, and coarse look.

To achieve my current hairstyle, I have my hair bleached to lighten it then I add a toner to it to get the desired shade. This results in my hair being prone to dehydration since bleaching can remove the nutrients form the hair follicle.

My natural hair type is thin, oily, and limp so I have always used a shampoo and conditioner designed to help volumize the hair. This means that the formula is a lot lighter to ensure that the hair is not weighted down (and thus too heavy to have volume and shape). I continued to use these products whilst bleaching my hair at first because the hair still felt fine.

Big mistake.

As soon as you start to colour the hair, you must use something more nourishing. I was foolish and, despite working in the beauty industry, thought I’d keep using the same products. Surely there can’t be much difference between all these shampoos?

Well of course there is. Hair products are just like makeup. Makeup for oily skin will be very different, even juxtaposed, to make up for dry skin; the same for skincare.

When I wet my hair, the water was instantly soaked into the follicle and my hair matted. I couldn’t get my fingers through my hair in the shower. I am not at all exaggerating. My hair would come out in chunks in the shower. I really needed to change my hair products.

Hello www.lookfantastic.com

I was fortunate enough to be sent Wella products form lookfantastic. The fusion range, which consist of a shampoo, conditioner, and weekly treatment, is out of this world. It is crazily affordable and works almost as good as my Paul Mitchell hair treatment for extremely dry hair.

The products look sleek and salon professional. The packaging is white and rose gold and looks amazing in a bathroom because they have an air of sophistication and luxury.

I only wash my hair once or twice a week (more if I have been sweating since sweat leads to hair loss) so I prefer to use the shampoo and hair treatment and leave the conditioner. The conditioner is brilliant too and would suit someone who washes their hair more frequently.

I would love to know your favourite hair products and if you want to try out mine, be sure to use my discount code: GRAHAM18.


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