Who are Benefit?

Benefit is a fun, flirty makeup brand who believe that makeup really doesn’t have to be serious to look good. Their ethos centers the belief that laughter is the best medicine and that when in doubt, you ought to fake it ‘till you make it. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Whisk on your mascara, crack a smile and the world truly becomes your oyster.

The Ford twins founded the company; the two women, in 1976, flipped a coin to decide whether to open a deli or a makeup store. These women really sound like people with whom I’d get on tremendously well. It seems like the have the ‘to hell with it attitude’ and by gosh has it paid off.

To break even in the initial days, they only had to make $33. Before long they had come up with the much loved benetint formula, which is still in stores today. It is a coloured tint which you can apply to the cheeks and lips: a quick-fix for lazy beauty-babes.

20 years later and Benefit make it to the UK. They grace the doors of Harrods; the same year that I grace the world with my existence. Some might say I was destined to work in beauty: it was written in the stars.

Nowadays the company are probably best known for their brow products and waxing bar. I use a variety of products on my brows but Benefit features heavily. I am in love with Gimme Brow fiber gel. It is a volumizing and thickening gel for your brow hairs, giving your brows more definition: a heavier presence. The best thing about it is that it gives such a natural finish in such a quick space of time that you could throw it on going out the door in the morning and still look wonderful. To set it all in place, regardless of the products you use to style the brows, I highly recommend the clear setting gel, Ready, Set, Brow!

Apart from brow Products, I was delighted when Lookfantastic sent me my very own, personalised, Hoola Bronzer: a bronzer about which I have heard lots. I love the finish and colour to the bronzer. The downside is that it contains talc- an ingredient which carries potential health risks.

I really love most of their products and they look really quirky and giggly amongst my much more serious looking makeup *cough* Chanel *cough* Dior *cough*. The quality of the products is really high, for what you pay, and I like how the company stand against looking a certain way and obsessing over looks. They are true supporters of self-expression. And who can argue with that?

As always head over to http://www.lookfantastic.com and use my discount code (GRAHAM18) to save yourself some pennies (18%).


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    1. I think it´s like all companies: they will have amazing products with which people will fall in love and will always buy; however, it remains a company and they have to make money so they will continue to make new products to spark people’s intrigue and cross-sell/up-sell


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