What is a Brow on Fleek?

… And how do I get them to this place of Fleek? Sounds like a Greek Island to me.

Getting the perfect brow is very much like choosing which religion to follow: there are so many variations out there and sometimes the difference can be so subtle that most don’t even notice; but when you get it right, you’ll know… but you gotta have faith. I love you George.

I have evolved with my eyebrows into the being I am today. As a young teenager, I had eyebrows that seemed to loathe each other and wanted to grow in very opposite directions. After much trial and error with sharp objects and painful wax strips, I manage to get the hair growth to mirror one another.

I feel that after having spent a lot of time cultivating the brows, one tends to go overboard with the application of makeup on them. I most definitely had the large, boldly dark brows which made a killer statement when I walked into a room. They were so infused with makeup that it looked like I could show no emotion. The arch was so high it reached up to Jesus and the inner part so blocked, thick, and black that I managed to attract and seduce men without opening my mouth.

When that look went out of fashion (if it were ever a trend), I decided that the fluffy, ombré brow was the way to go. I wanted the inner part to be light and delicate and to flow into the dense, sharp tail.

I feel confident to say that it looks much better and that it is easier and less time consuming because it doesn’t matter if they aren’t 100% even: in fact, when eyebrows are a perfect mirror image, it kind of freaks me out. They are sisters; not twins.

5 years ago, mine were distant cousins having a massive fallout.

I take a thin crayon and trace the bottom line of the brows from the inside to the outer edge: I always use the lightest products possible and build them up to the desired shade. I never use black, and very seldom brown, products. I prefer blondes even though my brow hair is a dark brown.

I do the same to the top of the brows but I use feather strokes following the hair growth: I never do a straight block line since it looks so fake.

The crayon I use is the Clinique superfine liner for brows. Mac also do one which is particularly good, as do BareMinerals.

To further define the tail, I use HD Brow Crème. It is super pigment so go easy on it. Follow the hair growth.

Really you can use any pomade here: ABH would work well too if you can be bothered to order it online.

There you go, you have the perfect fluffy brows. If you are on the go 24/7 like me, use a setting gel to keep them in place. Brush the brow hairs upwards with this: never brush down since it will pull your face down too and make you look older.

The Benefit Ready Set Brow is amazing. I have used a clear gel by Seventeen before too. It is super cheap and quite good too.

If you have any questions, please drop me a message.

As always, my lovelies, you can find most of the products I mentioned at www.lookfantastic.com

Use my unique code if you fancy saving some pennies, GRAHAM18.


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