Me, my hair and I

The Buddha once said that nothing is permanent; What a smart dude he was, eh? Well let me tell you that Monday through Sunday, I must have at least 20 different hairstyles. I’m a total catfish. And my hair is most impermanent.

Monday is a top knot kind of day: the kind of day when you just can’t be bothered to do anything. On Tuesday, I give myself the pep talk and promise to put more effort into my appearance; by hump day, I have a ‘fro’ and when the weekend comes round, the wave in my hair is so monumental, the met office issue a tsunami warning.

All this change does take its toll and my hair can get damaged quite easily form straighteners and product build up. To keep my hair in its most conditioned state, I try wash my hair twice a week and no more. If my hair is quite healthy and not too dry, Biolage is a good, natural brand that I reach for.

When my hair makes a desert look tropical, I reach for something more intense like Paul Mitchell Moisturising conditioner.

LookFantastic do some amazing hair masks. I haven’t used any yet so I’d be interested in hearing what you guys think about them.

When it comes to styling, it is paramount that you use a heat protecting spray before using a hairdryer or styling wands. Using these kinds of tools without a protecting spray will nuke your hair follicles. It will microwave them. Take heed of my words of advice, please.

I personally use Redken thermal holding spray or Nioxin Therm Activ Protector.

They good. They really good.

After using curlers to put a curl into my hair, I always use a pomade. Again, I use Redken.

I do believe in using the best products you can afford on your hair. You only get one head of hair in this lifetime. Treat it with the utmost respect and your locks will be luscious. If not, they’ll fall out…

I joke.


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