My role

What do I actually do? Product reviews? Pose and prance for a camera? Why me?

My main role with LookFantastic is to trial their amazing products and give you guys honest feedback on them. LookFantastic is one of the biggest beauty retailers in Europe so they have such an extensive product range, which is fabulous for me.

I have tried everything from exfoliators to fake tans and everything in between. The brand is dedicated to making people the best versions of themselves and they propagate self-confidence and self-love. They fit in harmoniously with my philosophy of life as you can see.

A couple of months ago, I had just decided to terminate my studies at university. I didn’t feel like I belonged there and in my soul, something was missing. I desperately wanted a platform to voice my beliefs on gender equality, inclusion, expression, and acceptance. I was never going to get that sat in a library writing about Socrates and Plato- no offence big boys: you are cool and all that, but I’d rather not…

I have always been interested in makeup and fashion as you already know. Studying philosophy did give me the skills to think differently about gender, culture and how we behave as humans. I was fascinated by men in makeup who seemingly transcended the gender boundaries. They were, in my eyes, beautiful.

Their beauty regimes and makeup, to me, were a way of them opening to the world: and not a desperate plea to hide who they really were.

One thing lead to the next and suddenly I was one of those contoured chicks in trousers.

I still didn’t have a platform or a focus, nonetheless. I had a fabulous highlighter (Laura Geller Gilded Honey) but no focus.

I was PROcrastinating, watching YouTube, when I saw an advert calling out for beauty experts and I applied. I got through the rounds and was chosen as a beauty blogger.

Aside from reviews, I try attend events when I have time off work. Last week, I was at a really fun filming for the LookFantastic Beauty Box; if you have never heard of it, go check it out on their site. They have just launched their birthday edition and the products are super.

All in all, LookFantastic is an amazing company to work for and I hope I am using my experience and platform to give people to have the self-confidence to be their true, authentic selves. I hope that through reading my blogs, they get to a stage of true self-love in days and not decades.

Thanks x


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